Hi, I'm Andrew 

and I help adults & couples who are ready to take action in creating the palpable changes they want in life.

My clients can expect a compassionate and direct clinician who guides them in deepening their awareness of themselves and in setting realistic and meaningful goals. In our work together, we will collaborate in identifying the obstacles and the destructive cycles that are getting in the way of your success and growth - all while compassionately holding you accountable. I enjoy working with people who’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, or relationship challenges.

My practice also focuses on working with men who are open to exploring their understanding of harmful beliefs about masculinity that harm their mental health given the current political and social environment. I work with men who are struggling with professional, familial and relationship concerns as well as emotional challenges such as anger, numbing of emotions, and expressions of intimacy and affection.

My Background and Orientation

I grew up in Queens, NY and started off my clinical journey as a volunteer working with individuals with developmental disabilities in New York. This sparked my desire to pursue a career in clinical social work and obtain my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from CUNY- Queens College and eventually, my Masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University.

I am psychodynamically trained and utilize practical evidence-based therapeutic modalities such as mindfulness strategies and cognitive behavioral therapy to guide my clients in navigating and coping with life’s everyday stressors. I have extensive experience in individual and group therapy, family therapy and crisis intervention in the following clinical settings: outpatient and inpatient treatment centers, residential programs for at-risk teens, public school system, Adult Protective Services and the shelter system. 

I am an Associate Clinical Social Worker #70574 - supervised by Erika Moreira, LMFT #101392